The state of being a mother is something that is shared amongst women. However, a woman can only be a mother when she has given birth to a child. This most commonly occurs when a child is born, but often it can happen later through natural or voluntary marriage or by becoming a wife or partner of someone who has children. Motherhood impression Some women choose not to be mothers at all and in these cases they are known as unwed mothers. However, there are several reasons that a woman might want to become a mother, including wanting to help raise a child and wanting to feel connected to one who is a mother, and thus being part of a group of women who have the same experiences, desires, and goals. Most of the reasons for wanting to be a mother can center around childhood. Most children, especially those who were born shortly after one year of the woman's pregnancy, tend to be more active and interested in things than older children are. In addition, it is common for an expectant mother to be healthier and weigh more than a woman who has not had her first child. These factors, along with giving birth, can lead to a desire to become a mother later in life. The older a mother gets, the less likely that she will experience depression or other issues related to motherhood, and the more likely that she will be able to fully and efficiently provide for her child. Another common reason why mothers decide to become mothers is that they are bored. Being single, after all, can be a bit dull. If this is the case for a mother who has not been married, she may find herself trying to find ways to bring excitement into her life again, whether that is through child-rearing, her career, or simply spending time with friends. Raising a child as a single mother can be very lonely, and even if a woman has found someone who shares her interests, her lifestyle can make it difficult for her to be successful at these endeavors. This urge to return to a parent-figure, either through marriage or another relationship, can be a wonderful way for mothers to feel a part of their lives once again. One of the reasons that many mothers decide to raise a child even after they have become a mother is that they want to experience motherhood again. Motherhood portrayal After all, there is nothing quite like raising a child to be completely responsible for his or her own welfare. Children learn valuable lessons about respecting adults, authority, and responsibility from their parents, and they carry these lessons with them throughout their own lives. Therefore, having a child can be a great way to gain experience and wisdom that can help one survive in the real world. Of course, not every mother wants children right off the bat; some will opt for adoption or wait until they are ready for children. Regardless, of how many kids a mother has, though, she will always have her one day, and it is important to prepare mentally for that day so that she is not surprised by what happens. As mothers continue to age, their relationships with the people around them can change. In this situation, the mother figure may take on more than her share of the responsibilities, which makes it more difficult for her. It is important for mothers to remember that as women get older, they can still be a vital part of the family unit. Taking care of the children, cooking for them, bathing them, ironing their clothes - these are all tasks that can be entrusted to a caring mother figure. Some women take these responsibilities lightly, but it is important for mothers to remember that they can still be very loving towards their kids even as they begin to outgrow their own baby-making ability. If you would never consider having children, then chances are that you would never have the chance to experience motherhood, and the many special things that come along with motherhood. While a lot of mothers do not enjoy the benefits of parenthood, there are others who absolutely adore the fact that they are mothers. They feel that they have been given another chance at life and are happy that they have had the chance to grow and learn something new in their lives. Motherhood illustration If you would never consider getting married, then chances are that you wouldn't have the chance to experience fatherhood, or motherhood. No matter how old you are, or what stage of life you are currently at, you can experience motherhood, just as every mom should. There is no reason why moms should struggle with motherhood, or with anything in general. Having babies is one of the most amazing, wonderful experiences that anyone can experience. When mom has a baby, she will be experiencing motherhood, and it is something that no one should take for granted. Giving birth is a huge step in the life of any woman. While some mothers think that giving birth is something that only happens once in a lifetime, other moms realize that it is a moment of life that is shared with a great deal of people, all with whom a mother would like nothing more than to share the joy of motherhood. So, if motherhood is something that you have always dreamed about, or something that you are constantly trying to accomplish, then get the necessary information so that you can give birth with the same joy and happiness that everyone else is experiencing. There is no one who would rather have your children than you, and no one who understands the challenges that you are facing than you. Don't let motherhood take over your life, don't let it control you.