Motherhood Goddess

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The Motherhood Goddess is one of the most ancient symbols used by all women for centuries; and, is still relevant today.The modern day Woman has been stripped of her rights as a child; reduced to a sexual being, used for the domestic needs of her husband/father; and taught that her place is in the home, with the family, not on the bread line. Women have a right to be self-determined; and, be free to be the Mother of the World. Her place is within; not outside the human race! The Motherhood Goddess is a symbol of our oneness, of the oneness of existence, and that we are one: we are all part of the same system, and the system is life itself. In fact, the modern woman is not really missing anything by giving birth to children, she's just doing it within a different set of circumstances. In our society, there is still much need for the direct relationship between mother and child, but that is not the case in the developing world. Children are often not cared for during pregnancy and nursing and once born they are left to fend for themselves in an orphanage. If they are lucky, they will end up in a foster home where they will be cared for by other relatives; and if that's the case, there is no guarantee that they will even see their birth mother again. This lack of connection to the mother during pregnancy and nursing can lead to psychological difficulties in the woman who has carried the baby inside her for nine months or more. Many women have made the choice to become a Mother after having children; it is a personal choice that has significance for each individual. The purpose of motherhood is important to every woman. Goddess recreationIt gives her time away from her own responsibilities to care for her child. It also gives her the opportunity to be a role model for her children, both biological and adoptive. It is about teaching them the value of love and family and how to rely upon the goodness and blessing of a loving mother. For those who choose motherhood, there are many things they expect it to do for them. They want to be cherished, cared for, fed well, and be treated with tenderness and respect. They are searching for their own sense of self worth, and often they feel they are missing out on that because they are not a mother. Many women turn to Motherhood Goddess Scents to enhance their qualities of motherhood, and to provide protection from the perils of motherlessness. Nature has many healing properties, and Motherhood Goddess Scents provides a great way to enhance and strengthen our bodies and souls. When scented properly, it can provide a great source of comfort and protection from any anxieties that motherhood might cause. Motherhood Goddess Scents can be used to alleviate anxiety and fear; and help to settle down and ease childbirth. When Motherhood Goddess Scents is selected for use; it is essential to remember that they should be made by a qualified practitioner. Goddess descriptionAlthough there is no prescription needed; the practitioner should have many years experience in working with Mother Nature's energies. There are many books and information available in bookshelves, libraries and on the internet to guide and teach people about motherhood and the joys of motherhood. You may want to attend seminars or workshops to learn about the healing powers of Motherhood Goddess Scents. These can be held in a comfortable environment where your babies are safe. A mother knows instinctively what her needs are and how to best satisfy them; therefore she feels connected to the Earth. Nature gives us many sources of nourishment and Motherhood Goddess Scents are powerful tools to channel healing energies into the physical body. We can all benefit from the healing Motherhood energies flowing through our Motherhood Scents. Our bodies are very adaptable, so Motherhood Goddess Scents can easily be used to heal and balance our bodies. It does not matter if we are pregnant, breastfeeding, we're just looking for ways to make ourselves feel balanced and healthy. The ancient teachings say that as long as you keep a body balanced with food, water, sunshine, exercise and sleep, it will bring your spirit to new levels of awareness. Motherhood is a divine gift; give yourself and your babies the opportunity to grow and learn at their own pace.