Books About Motherhood

During the past year, there has been a surge of books written about motherhood. About re-creation All of these books, short stories and non-fiction works have been released within the past 12 months, and all examine the many aspects of motherhood such as pre-natal depression, breastfeeding, adoption and single parenthood. There is a new author who every month receives a book request in her inbox, a new author who speaks on a popular blog, and an author who release an eBook through a publishing house every week. These new authors are not only looking to make money on their written work, but they are also looking to help other women who have experienced pregnancy and motherhood. What is it that new motherhood brings to a woman? For any woman who has ever given birth, there is one thing that comes to mind: a sense of pride, a sense of purpose in her life, a sense of love for her newborn. In her book, The New American Mother, author Jennifer Legg writes about the journey of a mother takes with her infant during pregnancy and throughout her pregnancy and after birth. What makes being a mother so unique, what makes it an exceptional experience? Legg claims that unlike most professions, being a mother is not defined by professional standards, stereotypes or convention. She argues that most people assume that being a mother means nurturing young children, but that is not necessarily true. Motherhood can involve taking care of yourself, taking care of your young children, loving your husband or wife, working outside the home, bonding with your children's friends, and so much more. What makes being a mother so special is the fact that it redefines itself time again, just by changing the way we interact with each other. Books art Many women imagine their lives when they are pregnant. They envision themselves as a professional housewife, mother and grandmother all at once, all while happily raising small children alongside their husband or spouse. Jennifer Legg contends that there is more to being a mother than these common images, that motherhood is more than simply taking care of your young children. In fact, many mothers find deep satisfaction in being mothers. While being a mother requires lots of love and attention, being a mother also involves learning to be a better person. What about you? What kind of mother do you want to be? Do you want to be a mom who sits on her couch, doing nothing but watching television or reading magazines? Or do you want to be a mom who puts on her fancy hat and goes out shopping, looking for the best deals for her family and herself?One of the most important themes in Jennifer Legg's book is motherhood and what it means to the mother, to her children and to the world. There are many moms in our day who have put their children up in day care or sit in an early childhood development center, where they are not treated with compassion and love but instead treated like any other number of young children. It takes a good mother to treat her young children well, to be interested in their problems and to find creative solutions. About photo While these children may be having difficult times, their mother's love and affection can always be there to help. Another important theme of Mother's Day is parenting, which is another area where Jennifer Legg's writing is very helpful. After all, if parents are not teaching their kids how to be respectful and fair or how to be self-reliant, how can we expect our children to be any better? What happens when mom has to be home with the baby, when mom has to be working, when mom has to take the older child to soccer practice? What happens if mom has to be at the office with the rest of the staff until the doctor's appointment? How will the children cope? Jennifer Legg's writing can help answer these questions, as she looks for ways to present the experiences of everyday mothers as something inspiring and fun. In these hard times, moms should know that they can still find ways to be good to their children. Reading is one way that a mother can do this. Jennifer Legg has created a great new crop of books for new mothers, ones that will make them look at motherhood in a whole new way. If you are looking for a great read about motherhood, you can't go wrong with "The New York Times Bestseller" called "The New Baby Book," by Jennifer Legg.