We Are #MamaStrong

Here at Somebody’s Mama, our focus will always be driven by community. Not only do we gather together as donors, but we also focus on building community on the receiving end.

Mamas in Pryor, OK, USA

Mamas in Pryor, OK, USA

Mamas in southwest Uganda (Photo courtesy of BARHD)

Mamas in southwest Uganda (Photo courtesy of BARHD)

We invite you to help us build the next phase of the Somebody’s Mama. You are invested in the mission of empowering women. You have given faithfully to our projects over the years. Now, we are asking you to partner with us through monthly giving.


We know there is strength in numbers, and together we are #MamaStrong.


Here’s how you can help us build not just a house, but a home:


$10/month: Become a bricklayer—one brick is a doorstop, but put a lot of bricks together, and you’ve got strong walls that hold up the house.

$25/month: Become a glazier—what’s that, you ask? A glazier is the person who designs the windows, which is the way the rest of the world sees inside our home.

$50/month: Become a framer—help us add the doors. Most importantly, the Somebody’s Mama house doors are always open to welcome anyone who wants to enter.

$100 (or more)/month: Become a foundation builder—help us be an organization that is seen as solid and dependable, strong enough to support a home full of people.


Through our Love Club model, we’ve been able to grant over $100,000 to partner organizations since 2015. Our board members have always covered all administrative and fundraising costs associated with running Somebody’s Mama, so your recurring gifts will continue to be applied directly to our board-vetted projects.

With your ongoing support, we will be able to plan more effectively and accomplish more. Ready to help Somebody’s Mama build?