Update: Badoughbe School

First, here's a little history for those of you who have joined us recently. Our parent organization, 4HIM, built a school a few years ago in Badoughbe, Togo. At the time, the community members were not sure they wanted a school. After talking with community leaders, the parents agreed to send one child per family to school on a trial basis. Fastforward to now--they have so many students they needed to add on to their building!

ast year, 72 individual members of Somebody's Mama banded together to show a whole lot of love to the kiddos in Badoughbe, Togo. We raised $10,555 to build an addition on the school to accommodate their growing numbers. Our friend, Steve, visited Badoughbe last week and took some video to share the progress. Each video is 30 seconds or less, so click through to hear the whole story. So much good news.

Good work, Mamas!

Thanks, Steve, for bringing back such great footage of our school. And thank you, Mamas, for giving your time and resources to breathe life and love into this community!