2018 Project Focus: Maternal Healthcare and Education in Haiti

Several years ago, when Somebody’s Mama was just getting her feet wet, our vice-president, Erika Wright, attended a conference called Idea Camp. It was a meeting of like-minded dreamers who were turning ideas into action in their corners of the world.

Upon returning from the conference, Erika suggested featuring Tara Livesay as a Mama of the Month. Since then, we have followed Tara’s work closely at Heartline Ministries in Port-au-Prince, Haiti knowing that one day our community would have the opportunity to partner with them in the life-saving work they do at their maternity center.

We are so excited to announce our next project partner is Heartline Ministries. Haiti has the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the western hemisphere. To put that in perspective, a woman in Haiti has a 1 in 80 chance of dying in childbirth compared to the region-wide statistic of 1 in 510. As a nation, Haiti has weathered political coups and natural disasters that have deepened the extent of communal poverty across the small island country. Unfortunately the response from the NGO community has often been more lip service than real change.

Heartline has been working in Haiti for 27 years, and one of the reasons we are so anxious to support the work they are doing at their maternity center is because they understand the difference between cyclical relief work and true community development. Watch this video featuring Beth McHoul, founder of Heartline, as she explains how their focus has shifted during her time in Haiti.

Heartline’s commitment to shifting from orphan care to orphan prevention and family preservation is one crucial component in seeing the people of Port-au-Prince lifted out of poverty. The Heartline Maternity Center recently celebrated its ten year anniversary. Last year alone, the center served over 2,000 women.

We have a goal of raising $12,984which will cover the costs of serving 30 Haitian women and their babies for the entirety of their prenatal to postpartum program.

Each woman accepted into the program will receive prenatal care, labor and delivery services with certified midwives and nurses, six months of weekly postpartum care, child development education, and breastfeeding support.

Here’s how your donation will support the work of Heartline Maternity Center:

$20 provides iron supplements for 9 months of pregnancy and 6 months postpartum

$40 provides a weekly high protein meal for one woman throughout the entire program 

$75 provides birth supplies for one woman

$100 provides Depo Provera for 100 women for 3 months

$210 covers the cost of fuel, diesel, and propane for ambulance services and the clinic's generator for one month

$433 covers all costs associated with an expectant mother going through the 13 month prenatal to postpartum program

As a community, we have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact in the lives of 18 Mamas in Haiti. Thank you to our friends at Heartline for giving us the opportunity to make a tangible difference. Let's do this, Mamas!