Over the past few days, we had a smattering of random donations come in online and an improvised LOVE CLUB in Hawaii, AND WE HAVE OFFICIALLY FUNDED OUR MATERNITY UNIT!

1. We are floored by the generosity of over 150 people who made this happen.

2. We still have three scheduled Love Clubs this weekend, and any extra donations that come in will go toward buying supplies and equipment for the maternity unit.  We thought we were setting a reasonable but challenging goal, but apparently we underestimated how awesome you are.  Sorry about that.

3. The story about the Love Club that put us over the top is INCREDIBLE and too good not to share.

o, we have this friend, Nic, who is in the Air Force and stationed in Hawaii.  He wanted to start a Love Club to honor his mama, Jaema or “Marm” to her friends, who passed away about a year ago.  

Nic tried to plan a party, but as our military friends know all too well, it didn’t come together because his friends kept leaving to go on trips.  Did Nic let that stop him?  Absolutely not.  Instead, he started walking around his squadron telling people our story and collecting donations (snapping pictures of our friends in uniform all along the way!).

Nic, we thank you for your service to our country, applaud you for your persistence and commitment to Somebody’s Mama, and join with you in honoring your mama.  We are proud to call you a friend, and we know your mama is proud of you, too!  What an incredible way to honor her memory.

This maternity unit will serve women in Sierra Leone who would have otherwise had no pre- or post-natal care, saving the lives of thousands of mamas and babies for years to come. As we celebrate our collective accomplishment, we also celebrate Nic and Jaema.  Cheers, mamas!