We've been hard at work building our new website, so welcome to the first post on the new site. We are also excited to make a very special announcement about our most recent Love Club project!

Just five years ago, there was no school in Badoughbe. When we started talking with the farming community leaders, we met resistance at the idea of education from some, and a longing for the hope of opportunity from others. Back in the U. S., we raised the funds to build a school and started construction. Meanwhile, our partners in Badoughbe were encouraging families to send their kids to school. Over the last few years, our school has grown to over 300 students.

In March of this year, Erika and I with our families traveled to Lomé, Togo, one of our favorite places on earth. While there, we passed on resources and good will from the Somebody’s Mama community to our friends in the Katanga Fishing Village, the CEHBED orphanage, and the Badoughbe School. During our visit, we were full of thanksgiving and humbled at how far the little school that could had come. We learned that so many kids were attending school that they had to build a makeshift addition to accommodate. Unfortunately, the addition was not up to code. At that time, we committed to helping build a permanent addition.

Badoughbe School is well on its way to sustainability, which is the ultimate goal in long-term development projects. Between the profits from the poultry barn and the community garden, our hope is to see them supporting the school within a short time.

Here’s how we made it happen:

     Number of Love Clubs: 9

                     Number of individual donors: 72

     Smallest donation: $5

                     Largest donation: $1,040

     Total donations: $10,555

There are so many challenges in working with long-term development projects, but there is overwhelming joy in seeing hard work and determination pay off. As we were adding up the numbers this week, we noticed something pretty spectacular. 

Five years ago, when we started asking our friends to help build a school, one of the first donors was a Mama friend, Weneva Edge. As we watched the last few donations roll in, hers was the donation that pushed us over our $10,000 goal. Weneva also recruited her friends and her very own mama (who had a garage sale and gave the proceeds to this project) because she understood that one person can not do much, but together we can work miracles. We are so thankful for Weneva and for all the other Mamas who have been with us for the long haul. Changing lives doesn’t happen over night—it happens when a group of concerned citizens commits to seeing these projects to the end.

On December 8th, 4HIM founder, Steve Hollingsworth will travel back to Badoughbe, and he will be delivering good news (and a nice chunk of change) on behalf of Somebody's Mama to the children of Badoughbe School. We will update you as the walls go up!

On this Thanksgiving Day, we are thankful for a community of friends who believe in what we’re doing. We’re thankful that hundreds of lives in Togo will be changed—these children will go on to be leaders in their community and in their nation. Thank you. A million times thank you for giving what you could so that others might experience the opportunity of education. Happy Thanksgiving, Mamas!